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Our team building activities are recommended by organizations, such as:

Boost morale and maintain a sense of comradery among colleagues, no matter where they’re located.   

Will You Sink or Float? Bond as a Team & Share Plenty of Laughs!  


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Learn more about Cardboard Boat Building Challenge for your team!

Cardboard Boat Building Challenge Activity

Challenge your team to build boats out of nothing but cardboard and tape. Once you're done, put them to the ultimate test by racing them in the water! 

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What is Cardboard Boat Building Challenge? ⛵

Cardboard Boat Building Challenge is a hands-on activity available anywhere in North America, any time, and for any group size. 

This creative activity challenges teams to design, construct, and test boats made out of nothing but cardboard and tape. 


Overall, this was the best team building event we have ever done because it was challenging, fun, and creative. We all laughed together and got to know each other on a more personal level, which brought us closer together as a group.

What’s Included with Your Cardboard Boat Building Challenge?


All construction materials

All accessories and decorations

Free media package with event photos



On-site hosts to run your event

All set up and tear down

Closing ceremony to end the event & review key takeaways

Customer Support

Pre-event telephone support

Full-service event-day package

Post-event follow-up and support